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If you are already experienced in Meditation, Reiki, or Yoga what we offer will deepen your practice. Matt Parsons has sought traditional and syncretic sources to gain skill. Come learn Baguazhang, Neidan, Neigong, Qigong, Reiki, Shingon Mikkyo Kuji Kiri, Xingyiquan, and Yiquan.

Deepen Your Understanding

The Dragon and Garuda Yoga Blog is for your ease of understanding these arts. Chinese gong fu and alchemical practices are challenging - understanding them is easier with an experienced guide.

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If you have more questions feel free to use our Contact Us page. Dragon and Garuda Yoga teaches classes in Central Phoenix and Surprise, Arizona. Private lessons, exorcisms, space clearings, vehicle blessings, Reiki group classes, 1 on 1 mentorships, funerals, psychopomp duties, weddings and more are available.

Practice Yoga? PRactice Qigong? Kung Fu? Gong Fu? Neigong? Neidan?

Practice and find your inner axis

All movement in Chinese martial arts must originate from and return to the center. The question is, what center? There's more than one? You mean it changes? It is an ongoing developmental process.

Matt Parsons has spent the last 11 years healing through, researching, and practicing Chinese internal martial arts. These arts include Buddhist and Daoist meditation, and more recently, energy healing. This unique perspective, rooted in traditional Eastern esoteric alchemical practice, provides a quicker path for those looking to walk with a guide.

When Matt started practicing Chen Taijiquan's Chansigong in November 2009 he was paralyzed on the left side and was unable to feel much below his navel at the time. He started with his left hand pinned to his chest, curled up and useless. Today Matt teaches the reeling and coiling arts of Chinese gong fu with almost full physical capability and has trained himself to become ambidextrous.

Learn breathing, let go, zone in, perform

Matt has dealt with chronic health issues his entire life and thanks to these energetic meditative arts he has been able to heal himself beyond all expectation.

Utilizing methods of release, visualization, and intent - you will be guided through multiple meditative processes throughout your study.

Foundation building is extremely important - that's why Matt has focused more on the Jibengong and Neigong of his martial arts and meditative traditions. 

The one inch punch is doable by mortals. Bruce Lee wasn't some freak of nature but his training was his alone. Learn the "classical mess" from someone who knows the code and has trained it concretely.  A teacher will enable you to develop the skills of the masters of old. These arts cannot be learned solely through distance methods.