Meet our teachers
Matt Parsons
Matt Parsons teaches an effective method of inner cultivation influenced by the Chinese arts of Baguazhang, Neigong, Neidan, Qigong, Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, and Yiquan. In addition to the physical and energetic cultivation practices above - Syncretic Reiki is taught to those interested. Experience inner transformation in a concrete way.
Our Group sessions

Dragon and Garuda Yoga has teamed up with Alwun House to provide weekly Qigong classes to the Central Phoenix area.

Weekly Class

Qigong and Reiki Share

$ 15 or 45

Drop-in or Monthly

  • 1 hr PER CLASS
  • Qigong and Reiki Healing Share For those with chronic illness or energetic goals only.
  • 1 Teacher
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Internal Martial Arts

$ 30 or 90

Drop-in or Monthly

  • 2 hr PER CLASS
  • Qigong and Reiki Share 1st Hour
    Neijiaquan Foundations 2nd Hour
  • 1 Teacher
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Wuji Standing

Pulling Down the Heavens



Hip Opening

Bear Stepping

Tibetan 5 Rites

Embracing Post

3 Seas of Qi

Lower Mind Breathing

3 Cauldrons Qigong

5 Elements Qigong

Tiger Square Walking

Circle Walking Meditation

Internal Martial Arts

Trinity Post Standing

Hawk Standing

Bear Standing

Dragon Turns Head

Seeking Moon at Sea Bottom

Turning Exercise

Lion Plays with Ball

Boa Waves Head in the Grass

5 Elements Fists

8 Post-Heaven Basic Palms

Mud Stepping

Sixiang Walking

Crane Stepping

5 Elements Partner Striking

Eagle and Bear Fighting

Unified Martial Posts

Post Testing

8 Animals Palms

Silk Reeling

Xingyiquan 5 Elements Linking Form

Jiang Baguazhang Old 8 Palms Form


Matt Parsons is an Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Practitioner and is currently deepening his teaching role through offering Martial Arts, Meditation, and Spiritual Mentorship. He offers the following energetic transmissions through class.

  • Eh Tex Ne Arcturian Activation
  • Three Roots Practice and Violet Flame
  • Usui Reiki Self Healing and Practitioner
  • Gong Xingyi Leigong Transmission
  • Mao Shan 9 Palaces Stepping
  • Shingon Mikkyo Kuji Kiri
  • Taiji Neutral Gate Vajra Silk Reeling
  • Idaten/Weituo Guardian Blessing
  • Lingbao Dantian Acceleration
  • Psychic Reiki Crystal of Awakening

Additionally, Matt has received energetic influences from the following lines but is not qualified to teach.

  • Shamanic Reiki
  • Yucatec Maya Tobacco
  • Nyingma Vajrasattva, Vajrakilaya, and 1,000 Armed Chenrezig
  • Healing Angel Protocol
  • Psychic Intuitive Development
  • Tibetan Organ Tuina
  • Magical Awakening
Matt Parsons offers energetic healing through Reiki. He also offers shamanic space clearing, exorcism, psychopomp, birth and funeral blessings, vehicle blessings, and more. Use our Contact information or Facebook social links to schedule an appointment.
Matt is an ordained Dudeist Minister with a Doctor of Philosophy in Leisure Science and a Doctor of Divinity in the Limber Arts from Abide University. He is a true American Daoist, err... Dudeist in every sense. If you would like a Dudeist wedding officiant or any assistance in planning adult aspects of your wedding please reach out. In a previous life Matt worked in the luxury tobacco industry, knows how to roast and taste coffee, and is a certified Budtender.
Grounded in tradition
Buddhist and Daoist education, Native American instruction, a wizard's aptitude
Warrior Mindset
Ghosts and demons quake before us
scholar's Learning
Constant self-improvement and deepening skills for the love of the art